Little Haunts

img_7522We were so excited to go experience Little Haunts at This is the Place Heritage Park  this year. My daughter was counting down the days until it was time to go! There are so many fun things to do and see during Little Haunts. Be sure and dress up and take a trick or treat bag with you!

When you get there, they will give you a map and a schedule of events. Keep this with you! Its a big park with A LOT to see! We picked the things that were most important to us and planned around those. There is food for purchase in the park (we have taken our own and purchased food from the Hunstman Hotel). They have a fun gift shop & cute candy and toy store. Bring a water bottle and be prepared to walk. The train can take you to the far ends of the park & it’s also fun to ride. I really think that any age will enjoy what Little Haunts has to offer!

We didn’t want to miss the Birds of Prey Show! We got to meet several birds of prey and learn something about them. How cute is that teeny tiny owl with its big eyes? This event kept everyones attention!

We also visited Creature Encounters. They had a lot of creepy crawly things. This was a hands-on exhibit. I have to confess, I was a chicken and was very HANDS-OFF!

This little house (the Gardiner Cabin) is always a favorite of my daughters. She loves”washing” and hanging out the laundry and beating the dirt out of the rug. My hubby enjoyed himself plowing the field and walking on stilts. Several of the little houses you can visit and explore also had trick or treating and a few even had games. Bring a trick or treat bag to collect some goodies.

Do NOT pass by Brigham’s Donuts with out getting a dozen of the most scrumptious donuts ever! (I can’t have them, so you’ll have to take my Hubby and daughter’s words for it!) My husband begs them to share the recipe with us every time we visit! (Sadly their lips are sealed.) There are 4 kinds of dipping sauce you can get with the little cinnamon sugar coated donuts…My daughter and husband both voted white chocolate as their fav….but try them all and see what you like best!


In the Fairbanks home, you can get a fun stencil. It was quick and easy and washed off easily when it was time for bed.

In the social hall, right by the donut shop, were 3 different Halloween crafts you could choose from, all very simple. This is also the place to turn in your coloring contest page (print here).


We also went on a wagon ride, to story time with the Witches, rode a pony, played some halloween games and watched the Candy Cannon shot candy down main street. It was a very fun filled day and we were all worn out by the end of the day!

Little Haunts runs Oct 20th, 21st, 22nd and 29th from 10 am- 5pm. Don’t miss this fun Halloween event sure to become a family favorite!

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