Spring Yard Prep: Tip #3

Spring Garden Prep Tips

The weather in Northern Utah has been UNREAL this week! The warm temps and sunshine has me back in my yard doing more spring clean up and summer prep.

This weeks tip is super easy & can make such a world of difference in your yard.

Tip #3: Clean Out Your Flower Beds.

The first thing to do in order to get your flower beds ready for Spring is to clean out dead material. This includes; raking out dead leaves/derby, picking up broken twigs/branches and cutting out old flower stalks and brush. This not only makes your beds look pretty; it gets rid of dead or diseased matter. This allows new green growth to have good ventilation, space, & sunshine. This in turn makes for healthier flower beds. It also makes it easier to spot weeds whilst they are young and easy to pull before they start crowding out perennials.

In the photo of my yard below, you’ll still see a few twigs, leafs, and small pruning cuts I need to complete. The majority of my clean up has happened and the spring flowers and summer perennials are starting to wake up to the glorious sunshine we’ve had all week.

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

After I finish my clean up, I typically like to go back and top mulch with a soil pep. We buy this by the yard and spread it in all the beds & garden. It can be purchased by the bag full at most garden centers.

Top mulch helps your beds not only look more vibrant and clean, but also helps retain moisture, protect roots, keep soil cooler, cuts down on weeds, & prevents erosion.

I hope you get outside & enjoy this gorgeous spring weather in your yard this weekend!



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