Spring Yard Tip #4

With the spring showers and warmer days, everything is beginning to wake up. This includes the lawn as well as perennial weeds. {i.e. crabgrass, spurge,& dandelions}

This brings me to Spring Yard Tip #4

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

Tip #4: Fertilize your lawn.

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

There is a whole plethora of information about fertilizer types, timing, applications etc….for the sake of keeping things simple, I’m just giving very basic information to help you get started.

Early Spring is a great time to get started on your lawn. Now that you’ve got it all raked {week #2}, it’s time to get the lawn roots healthy, green it up, and control lawn weeds that are begging to emerge.

First, choose a fertilizer.

Many stores have fertilizer step programs all figured out for you. The program might contain  spring, summer, fall and winter blends. These are great, because this takes the guess work out of what the right blend for your lawn is.

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

Late March to mid-April is a great time to apply a spring fertilizer. It feeds your lawn to help develop strong root systems for standing up to intense summer heat, and many spring blends contain herbicides to control perennial weeds that like to sneak into our lawns.

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

To apply fertilizer, there are many different spreaders types. Whatever method you prefer is great! Just be sure and read the instructions on your bag of fertilizer so that you apply correctly.

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

Last, watch the weather! Keep your eyes open for a storm, this is the PERFECR TIME to get the fertilizer on the lawn! I like to apply the night before a storm is forecasted to move in. This way the fertilizer gets watered in well & when the sun appears again, your grass will be well feed and green up nicely.

If you are feeling extra ambitious, get you lawn aerated this spring too!



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