Celiac Awareness Month and My Favorite GF Flour Blend


In honor of Celiacs Awareness Month, I give you the GF Copy Cat Levine Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie.

Having Celiacs Disease, can make you feel left out of all the yummy food that is happening around.

Eating is such a social part of my life, and I dislike feeling like I can’t enjoy what everyone else is eatings… I used to cringe at the sympathy smiles, the “I don’t know how you do it!”, “I’m sorry”, and “you choose, because you know where you can eat!”

I’ve been mad, sad, depressed (who knew taking away a food could do that to a person!?) and discouraged about food.

About a year into my GF journey, I woke up one day with the determination to make my favorite recipes GF! I can’t tell you how many fails I’ve had over the past 5 years, how many recipes ended up in the garbage and how many different flours I have tested and tried. But what I do know, is that GF foods can be just as good, {or better} than I ever imagined!

Disclaimer: I honestly can’t remember what gluten filled foods taste like, though it took about a year or more for those cravings to go away! I have also never had a real Levain cookie to compare these to…

With being said, these GF Copy Cat Levine Cookies are as delicious as ever.


Making these are fairly simple because most of the work has been done for us by Si from A Bountiful Kitchen

I followed Si’s exact recipe {recipe HERE} subbing out the 2 flours her recipe calls for, with 2 1/2 cups of Namaste Foods – Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend

This is my most FAVORITE GF flour blend to date! It is a one-for-one blend, meaning you can substitute it for the exact same flour amount as your original recipe calls for.

Cooking with GF flour definitely takes some practiced getting & used to. A trick I have found when using GF flour, is to make sure the flour has been “fluffed” before measuring. This keeps the flour from being to dense and drying out your cookies (or whatever you are baking).


I cooked mine in a convention oven at 375 F.

I cooked two different sizes, 6 ounce and 3 ounce. I cooked the larger cookies for 9 minutes and the smaller (if you can call them small!) cookies for 5 minutes. I think they are meant to be gooier in the middle than mine turned out….I’ll have to play around with the cooking time a bit more. BUT, they are definitely worth making!




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