3 Tips for the Perfect Summer Planters

3 Tips for the Perfect Summer Planters


Warm weather, summer nights, fresh garden veggies, BBQing, swimming and flowers….

Planters full of summer annuals bursting with color and blooms all summer long are probably top of my list. If you have ever wondered how to plant beautiful planters, you’ve come to the right place.

There are three simple words to remember to help you have full planters this summer.





Thrillers are plants that grow upright and will be the tallest plant you choose for your planter. For this pot, I choose Talinum.

Fillers are what add the fullness to your pot and will fill in around your thriller. I choose Snow on the Mountain (Euphorbia) and Diacia.

Spillers (my personal favorite) are what drape over the edges of your planter. They add softness and whimsy. Because these particular pots are hanging pots for our pergola, I did several spillers because that’s what will be seen most. I choose, Licorice Plant, Bacopa, Torenia, & Sweet Potato Vine.


The last secret to outstanding planters is to feed, feed, feed! Because summer annuals are heavy bloomers, they are also heavy feeders!

I like to mix in a slow release fertilizer to my soil before planting (some potting soil comes with this all ready mixed in.) This slowly releases nutrients to your plant. Slow release fertilizers typically last for about 3 months. I also try to liquid feed my pots atleast every other week. Liquid fertilizer feeds instantly, but gets used instantly also. This is why is is important to feed often.

I can’t wait until these are overflowing and bursting with color this summer!



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