Favorite Fall Garden Tools


I cannot believe how quickly summer has flown by! Fall leaf and garden clean up is just around the corner.

The cooler weather this week has me itching to get out in my yard and start the fall clean up. I’m hoping to give not only myself a head start before the leave clean up takes all my time, but also my garage can.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite fall clean up products with you.

Leaf scoops; These are life changing. Whether its scooping up leaves, or any yard pile, they are absolutely MAGICAL. If I could recommend one fall yard tool, this would be it!

metal rake; I love this rake because you can adjust the width of the tines. It works especially well in raking through perennial beds.

Lawn and Leaf bag;Another one of my all time favorites! The thing I love most about the lawn and leaf bag, is that it collapses to almost flat and makes it very convenient to store when not in use! I also like that it is small enough for me to drag around the yard, especially when I’m cleaning up leaves!

Extendable Hedge Shears;These are great for cutting down all those perennials that are ready to go to bed for the winter. These make it easy to cut perennials down with one swift cut.

Garden gloves;I’ve linked these before, because they are my go to gloves. They have a nice tight fit and grippy hands which make them very easy to work in.