Don’t Eat Frank


Looking for a fun Halloween group game for kids? This is one of our Favorites!

If you have played “Don’t Eat Pete” before, this is the Halloween version of that game. I printed these about 7 year ago and I have used them at multiple parties and activities!

I dug around in my files and found the originals. It took me awhile to find where the original printable came from, but I FINALLY found the website!

Rules:{for those who have never played}
Divide the class into groups or if stick together as one group if
you are playing as a family.
Put a piece of candy on each of the squares on the card.
Have one peson leave the room.
The rest of the group will choose one of the
Halloween caracters to be “FRANK”.
The person can come back into to the room.
He or she can eat the candy from the card until they get to the
square that was chosen to be “FRANK”.
As soon as they go to pick up that piece of candy
every will yell, “DON’T EAT FRANK!” and their turn is over.
Let everyone in the group take a turn.
Each time they leave the room the rest of the group
will choose a NEW FRANK!
It’s a Super Fun and Super Easy way to keep EVERYONE entertained!
*Game cards need to be CUT and LAMINATED!
The original google file is not accessible anymore, so here is a PDF file.

Don’t Eat Frank PDF

From: Prepared Not Scared


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