Planting Bulbs 101

Planting Bulbs 101

October and November is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs here in Northern Utah.  Planting now will ensure gorgeous blooms and beautiful spring color. If you are anything like me, color in the yard after a long bleak winter, is just what I need.

Planting bulbs is super easy and only requires and few steps.

You’ll need: Bulbs of choice, bone meal {As a slow-release fertilizer, bone meal is primarily used as a source of phosphorus and protein that helps bulbs build good strong roots all winter}, bulb auger, gloves.

Planting Bulbs 101

1. Prepare the area to be planted. Clean out debris, rocks, and weeds.


2. Choose bulbs. Bulb type/size determines the depth the be planted….typically a bulb is planted 3 times as deep as the bulb is tall. Place bulbs making sure the root side is down.


 Root side, top side

Planting Bulbs 101: Best Bulb Auger

3. Dig a hole. A Bulb Auger {the one linked is not my exact auger, but similarly sized) will change you life; especially if you are planting hundreds of bulbs. The auger simply hooks onto your drill and makes digging holes quick and easy.

Once you have determined the bulb type/depth, use the auger to make the appropriate hole depth, and then place 1 tsp – 2 Tbsp of bone meal in the hole (amount will depend on bulb size, refer to instructions on back of bag). Place the bulb in the hole root side down and cover with soil and pat.

If you are a Northern Utah local, be sure and visit Vally Nursery and mention me, THE GARDEN SPOT, and you will receive 20% off bulb supplies. {Bonus: all of their bulbs are 30% off right now!}





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