Pretzel Turkeys {Gluten Free}

Pretzel Turkeys {Gluten Free}

I love the Holidays! Something about having little ones in our home just makes them that much more enjoyable!

My daughter and I had fun creating these darling Pretzel Turkeys together after seeing them on my friend Kim’s instagram, for a fun holiday treat. How cute would these be as part of your place setting on Thanksgiving, or a fun craft to entertain the kids whilst dinner is cooking!?

Pretzel Turkeys {Gluten Free}

You’ll need:

Pretzels {we used this brand of Gluten Free Pretzels}
rolos, unwrapped
candy corns
reeses pieces
white sugar pearls {this size}

Preheat your oven to 300 F


Line a baking a sheet with parchment paper lay the pretzels with the salted side down with the double rounded end pointed toward you.


Place three candy corns on the single round end.


Now, just don’t bump the tray!


Gently lay an unwrapped Rolo on top of the candy corns.
Place the tray in the oven until the Rolos are soft, about 2 minutes.


Apply 2 pearls for the eyes. Take a toothpick and dab it in the melted chocolate at the edge of the Rolo and dab it in the center of the pearl to finish the eye.
Cool slightly.

Add a Reese’s pieces for the beak. When we added the beaks right after coming out of the oven, the chocolate was little too warm, and the rolo slid down from the weight of the reese’s pieces and the face morphed and looked a bit silly, so let them cool slightly before adding the beaks!

Pretzel Turkeys {Gluten Free}
Let cool at least 30 minutes before moving to a serving tray or airtight container.  Enjoy!


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