DIY Grapevine Wreaths

I had a wonderful time learning to make Grapevine wreaths with my friend Ashley. I love learning new ways to make things useful in more than one way. Not only can you grow tasty grapes to eat, you can use the vines to decorate your yard and home!

DIY Grapevine Wreaths


I will admit I was a bit intimidated by the idea of making these wreaths, but they are actually much more simple than I expected! The best part is that all you need is some long grape vines…and maybe some garden gloves {my favorite gloves}!

You’ll need:



Long grapevines cut from vine. (The longer the better.)


Start by bending your wreath into a circle with equal ends coming from both sides, almost like you are going to tie a shoe. The circle size will depend on how big or small your want your wreath.

DIY Grapevine Wreaths

Take your vine and wind it around itself, one side at a time.

DIY Grapevine Wreaths

Wind the other side around itself and tuck the ends under to secure. Get a new vine, inserting the vine into your circle and start the process over. Continue the process, tucking the ends into itself to secure, until the wreath is as thick as you prefer.

DIY Grapevine Wreaths


Lay the wreaths flat for a few days to dry.  These wreaths can be used indoor or outdoors and can be made to any size.

Clear as mud? Here is little video to help show how we made our wreaths.


gallery-1504032514-holidaydiy-110 3

How fun are these teeny tiny place cards for a Thanksgiving or Christmas Table! Just add that tiny sprig of fresh Rosemary, bakers twine, and a name tag. I found it pretty tricky to get the grapevine in a wreath shape this small. You can try soaking the vines first for about an hour in warm water to help them be more pliable.  If you don’t have access to grapevines or other bendable vines like, Virginia Creeper, you can purchase mini grapevine wreaths here.

I made medium sized wreaths to hang on the back of my kitchen chairs.

Add fresh greens, or leave plain. Hang them on your door, chicken coop, fence, or back of your dining chairs….. I can’t wait to get my decorated with greens for the Holidays to hang on my greenhouse and front door!

*Special thanks to my friend Ashley for letting me film her skills all whilst teaching me how to make these fun wreaths!


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