Fresh and Healthy Orange Julius {Gluten Free}

Fresh and Healthy Orange Julius {Gluten Free}

Every Christmas morning {and just about every day leading up to Christmas} we make our favorite, delicious, Healthy Orange Julius recipe with the oranges that Santa leaves in our stockings. This drink is not only GF, but dairy free as well!

Fresh and Healthy Orange Julius {Gluten Free}

This recipe is super fast and simple; you only need a few ingredients + a blender. The main ingredient is oranges, of course. Whilst citrus is in season, we buy it by the box full, and keep it stored in our cold storage room in the basement. These oranges will mostly be used to make fresh squeezed OJ or our favorite Orange Julius!

Fresh and Healthy Orange Julius {Gluten Free}

For the recipe you will need;

Oranges, vanilla extract, dates, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, some ice & a high powder blender.

Fresh and Healthy Orange Julius {Gluten Free}

You can peel your oranges, but I prefer to simply slice the peels off.

Fresh and Healthy Orange Julius {Gluten Free}


Healthy Orange Julius

Makes 2-4 servings

2 oranges, peels removed
2 dates, pitted
8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk {I prefer this brand because I can buy it in bulk}
splash of vanilla extract
a couple handfuls of ice

Pour 8 oz of almond milk into a high powered blender. Slice peels off oranges, add to blender along with all other ingredients. Blend until smooth and creamy. Add more ice if you prefer it thicker. Sometimes I’ll add some extra fresh squeezed orange juice if it needs to have more orange flavor.
Pour into 2 large glasses and enjoy.

*A high powdered blender like this one here is a must for blending up the dates.


12 thoughts on “Fresh and Healthy Orange Julius {Gluten Free}

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  2. So easy and so so good!! This is my new favorite recipe and i don’t feel one bit bad about feeding this to my kids! My old recipe had lots of refined sugar in it!! Thanks for the recipe!!


  3. We tried your orange julius 🍊 this morning!. And we love it!!!. I’m always telling my kids no. Because of all the sugar… And tried this when they asked this time. And they sucked it down🤣 !. Thanks for posting this!


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