Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

It’s that time of year again!! Garden season is just beginning. March brings some beautiful days {along with some snowy and rainy ones}.

I love to optimize those days with what CAN be done in the yard whilst enjoying  beautiful spring temps.

I’ve put together some Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips to get you started.

Spring Garden Prep Tip #1 :
This weeks Tip is a two for one tip!
Prep your garden soil + mulch. .

If you are going to be planting a veggie garden this spring, it’s time to get the soil prepped! Cool weather crops are ready to be planted! (I’ll touch on those later this week!)
Start by turning the soil with a pitch fork, shovel, or rototiller (chickens are also very helpful). {Make sure you wait and do this until the soil has dried out a bit, & then snow has melted.} Once you’ve turned the soil, roughly smooth the soil with a rake.

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips
Second, top the soil with 2- 3 inches of mulch.

Mulch can be added to your veggie garden + your flower garden beds.
Mulch will be your VERY best friend this summer in controlling weeds, helping retain moisture, helping your beds look manicured and tidy, + bonus; mulch is great organic matter that can then be turned into your soil come fall!

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

Want a bit more information on the Spring Garden Prep Tips I’ve been talking about on my Instagram page?

Find them here.

Spring Garden Tip #2

Spring Gardnen Tip #3

Spring Garden Tip #4

Lets get gardening!


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