Homemade Bath Bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs

Who new making Bath Bombs could be so simple and fun! These Homemade Bath Bombs are supper fizzy, make your skin uber soft, and couldn’t be easier to make!

We had a “Spa” day for Activity Days {a church group for girls}. For one of the rotations the girls made these fun bath bombs. The girls loved making them.

We kept ours dye free. {I didn’t want to be responsible for staining anyones bath tub!} But how fun would colored bath bombs be? Instead, I cut/punched out glitter gold hearts for the girls to put in the top of their bath bomb if they wanted. (Heart punch found here.)

My daughter and I made a batch at home with fresh pansies from the garden pressed in the top. Such a beautiful touch and a great way to use those spring flowers!

I purchased bath bomb molds, and citric acid from a local kitchen store (similar items found here & here). If you don’t want to purchase molds, be creative! You might have just the right container lying around your kitchen or house. With this recipe, the possibilities of color, size, & shape are endless!

*We found that having the coconut warm/soft made the mixture come together more easily.



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