Fairy Garden Tea Party

Fairy Garden Tea Party

My daughter wanted an outdoor Garden Party for her 10th birthday. If you have a spring birthday in your family, you know Spring birthdays can be tricky. Spring can bring great weather, a foot of snow, or a downpour.

We settled on a Fairy Garden Tea Party Theme in a semi-outdoor venue. Fairy themed food, fresh flowers, and spring colors made for a fresh fun afternoon, even if it was rainy right outside the greenhouse door. The rain made the greenhouse seem even cozier and magical.

You can view my Studio 5 Segment here.

My daughter and I had a lot of fun planning all the details of her party. I had fun shopping, prepping, baking/making and pulling all the details together. It wasn’t until about 3 days after the party, that I discovered a little bag with the most darling bumble bee chapsticks I had forgotten to set out with the girls’ baskets.

I hired my talented friend & neighbor, Jamie, from Jamie Healy Images, to come & capture the magic of the day. This was probably the smartest thing I did! My hands were busy the whole time and I think I only picked my camera up once! She captured all the magic of the day + took a rather large task off my hands so I could enjoy the party and focus on my cute daughter and her darling friends.

The Setting: Our Backyard greenhouse.

The greenhouse offered great shelter from the rainstorm that moved in right as the party was starting. Not only did the greenhouse offer protection from the elements, but it offered a wonderful outdoor feel with plenty of natural light and a magical, whimsical environment.

Fairy Garden Tea PartyFairy Garden Tea Party

We cleared away most of the greenhouse tools to make way for a table, six chairs, a fairy food spread for the tea party, a cake, and crafting materials. We hung flower balls above the table and draped tulle and mini lights across the ceiling.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Nothing says Spring and garden more than fresh flowers, & spring colors.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Simple Table Decor.

Supplies: Glass mason jars with floral straws, yellow plates + silverware (dollar store), Flower plates + leaf napkins (from Elūm Designs), Bunny Place card holders + place cards (Hobby Lobby), white dollies (target dollar section), table linens.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Cute friends ready for a Garden Tea Party.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

We put together supply baskets that included a flower pot, garden gloves (target dollar section, similar found here), fairy house (Joanns, similar found here), sheet moss, and glue. Each girl could simply choose a basket and have all the supplies.

Upon the girls’ arrival, they discovered what there fairy name was, and wrote it down on a place card for the table setting. They also choose a fairy dust and a flower crown.

Supplies: Fairy name chart, frame (dollar store), pixie dust jars, glitter, bakers twine, flower crowns.



The Food.

We came up with some simple fairy themed food. Probably one of my favorite parts of the whole party.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Lady Bugs.

Supplies: Crackers, chive and onion cream cheese, tomatoes, olives, chives, black tube frosting (I’m wonder if balsamic glaze would work? I didn’t try it, but it would be delicious.)

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Flower Pot Cupcakes.

Similar to Mini flower Brownie poppers that we also severed, found here.

Supplies: Mini terra cotta pots, cupcakes (left in liners, I used this cake mix and these liners), chocolate frosting (recipe here), chocolate sprinkles, green cake pop sticks, paper flowers (similar to these).

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Fairy Twigs, Chipmunk chips, Cucumber Flowers.

Supplies: pretzels, dried bananas, cucumbers, cheese cut into shapes (I used these cutters.)

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Arorns, Toadstools, and Hedge Hogs.

Toadstools: Strawberries, white tube frosting, marshmallows, toothpicks.

Acrons: Donut holes, chocolate frosting (recipe here), chocolate sprinkles, pretzels.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Hedge Hogs.

Supplies: donut holes, chocolate frosting (recipe here), chocolate sprinkles, black tube frosting.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Fairy Bread and Snail Swirls.

Fairy Bread: bread, peanut butter + jam, non-perils sprinkles, flower cookie cutter (similar cutter found here).

Snail Swirls: Tortillas (Gluten Free Brown Rice Tortillas from Trader joes), lunchmeat, cheese slices, chive and onion cream cheese, toothpicks.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Fruity Fairy Wands.

Supplies: wooden skewers, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, star shaped cookie cutter.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Pixie Bites.

Supplies: mini sugar cookies

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Mini Flower Pot Brownie Poppers.

Supplies: Mini flower pots, brownie poppers, chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles, fresh violas. {Recipe found here}


Viola Ice Cubes

Supplies: Fresh Violas, garden scissors, ice cube tray (similar here)


The Crafts:

Fresh Flower Pots.

The girls all chose a flower pot of their choice and some beautiful spring Panises to plant.

Supplies: Potting Soil, flower pots, flowers, soil scoop, garden gloves (similar found here).


Fairy Houses:

Supplies: Birdhouse (similar found here), glue, sheet moss, rocks, pinecones (similar found here), bark, Battery operated hot glue gun. (Hot buy option found here!)



The Cake

Supplies: Terra-cotta pot (similar here), cardboard cake round, burlap ribbon, double layer 9 in cakes (I used 2 of these cake mixes and it made cupcakes plus her cake), raspberry buttercream, fresh flowers (mixed bouquet from Costco).

Fairy Garden Tea Party

The Fairy Garden Tea party was a magical birthday party for my daughter and her friends. Now if clean-up was just as magical.

I hope this post inspires you to throw a garden party! Whether it is for a birthday party, an Easter Celebration, or a Mothers Day Brunch.

A HUGE thank you to my amazing friend Jamie, from Jamie Healy Images, for all the magical pictures from the party!

3 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Tea Party

  1. What a darling, magical party for a little girl. I’m sure they all felt like they were with real fairies! Oh, to be a kid again and BELIEVE!!


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