Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Finding little spring treasures for my daughters Easter Basket along with her new Easter dress (plus a new spring outfit & or jammies) just might be my favorite!

She’s starting to get a bit older, and I feel like its gotten a little trickier to find those small easter treasures… But do you think I could just add things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk and coloring books forever?

With 10 days left until Easter, you should have time to ship most of these items directly to your home with time to spare!

Here are a few of my ideas for this year. I try and look for things in different categories + find a few things to hid in our bigger eggs.


1. Garden Category


Easter Basket Stuffers

Butterfly house + live caterpillars

We talk about getting butterflies every year and this is the year it’s going to happen! This set comes with live Caterpillars that you get to see change into beautiful butterflies!

IMG_8508Root Vue

I saw this and thought how fun would it be to watch from an under ground perspective how plants grow!? Every budding gardener needs this in their basket!


Flower press

Gathering wild flowers is my favorite. Now you can let your kids press all the wild flowers they collect this summer from your yard and on your hikes!

IMG_8544Kids Garden gloves

Get you children working in the garden with you. Do you know children are more likely to eat and try new things if they grow their food themselves?


Eco eggs
Color your Easter eggs + grow your own wheat grass for them to rest in.

2. Books Category


Land of stories

This is by far my daughter favorite book series (along with the Harry Potter illustrated book set ). She’s read to through twice and is planning on reading it again this summer.


View More: http://jamiehealy.pass.us/gsv2

American girl cookbook

I’ve talked about the American Girl cookbooks more than I can count! I get so many messages telling me that your daughters love them now to! We have all the additions and they are all soooo good! We just got this one. How perfect would it be for the little gardener in your life.


We are not really in picture book buying mode at our house anymore, but here are a few options for those of you who have little ones at home.



Charlotte the Scientist is Squished


Easter Basket Stuffers

Charlotte the Scientist Finds a Cure


Easter Basket Stuffers

We are the Gardeners


3. Games


Sleeping queens

My daughter is the queen of games! She is always wanting to play new games. This is a fast card game that is easy (because of its size) to take camping, to the park for fireworks, a friends house or on a family getaway.


Sushi go

This might be our family’s very favorite card game! It’s our favorite to take camping (I need to by an extra set for our camp trailer!)  And just like Sleeping Queens, its quick and compact + easy to take with you.


4. Outside Fun


Sidewalk chalk

I’ve never met someone who didn’t like to draw all sorts of colorful pictures with side walk chalk! Our favorite is to make “pathways” to ride our bikes on.


Gymboree bubbles

An Easter basket staple + the best bubbles we have ever owned! With Gymboree going out of business I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find any this year… but luckily Amazon pulled though!


Pickle ball

We just introduced our daughter to Pickle ball this Fall. I love activities that we can all do together + be active!




My daughter is in need of a new pair of rollerblades. We always try and find the ones that have adjustable sizes so they last a little bit longer.

IMG_8535Cats cradle

Oh, I have so many memories of playing Cats Cradle with my sisters growing up. A few years ago I bought one for my daughter to introduce her to one of my favorite childhood games! We also gave them to her friends one year as birthday gifts.




I think everyone should learn how to dribble a ball. And how fun are the colors on this Splading ball! A sure hit with any young budding basketball star!


Jump rope

I was the jumprope champion in the second grade…. doesn’t this segmented jumping rope take you back to your childhood? This was also another gift my daughter got all of her friends one year along with this jump rope rhyme book.



Chinese jump rope

Another childhood favorite! I remember stuffing this in my pocket to take out to recess with my friends.

5. Dolls


Calico critters

Small, fuzzy, + adorably dressed. Thee perfect miniaturized animal, perfect for small hands and Easter baskets. What’s not to love about these adorable little animal families.



Alice and Madeline

My uber talented friend designs and HAND sews these DARLING Dolls (bunnies for Easter). We have been lucky enough to snag a few and they still sit on my daughters bed. She only makes small batches, so if you want to snag one, be sure and follow her instagram closely!

6. Accessories


Hey June

We love Hey June’s darling stud earrings! I got my daughter some super fun Harry Potter studs (these and these) plus this necklace for Christmas. She’s getting these fun spring studs in her Easter basket.


Bath Bomb

I feel like Bath Bombs are always a hit, and Target had so many fun kinds to choose from!




Who knew that scrunchies would ever make a come back! We are loving the ones with the little “ties” on them. They look cute in a high pony, or simply worn around your wrist.


Hair coils

This are awesome to wear when you need to pull your hair up, but don’t want to leave a crease. If they get stretched out, simply shrink them back down in hot water. I love that they are small enough to fit inside an Easter egg!


7. Crafty




Anyone else’s kids making slime any chance they can get? I thought this thermo activated Putty would be a hit with my daughter!



Washi tape

& last but not least….nothing like good old Washi Tape to let your little artist decorate all the things with.

Easter Basket Stuffers


I love seeing/hearing what people put in their kiddos Easter Baskets…. wether it’s the same thing every year (we always do a new Easter Dress) or something new.

I hope you found some new ideas!




2 thoughts on “Easter Basket Stuffers

  1. this is my favorite list of stuffers I’ve ever seen!! so many original ideas. I’ve loaded up my Amazon cart and now just have to exercise a little self control. 😂 Thank you, Carly!!


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