Nourished Festival: The Gluten Free, Allergy, & Specialty Diet Festival

Nourished Festival: The Gluten Free, Allergy, & Specialty Diet Festival

It seems now a days you are bound to know someone with a food allergy(ies). Wether it’s you, a family member or friend it can be a hard adjustment. There are so many awesome  companies that cater to food allergies, and the list seems to be growing!

The Nourished festival is being held for the first time this year in Sandy, UT May 4th-5th, 2019!

This year they have also expanded the festival to include sections for nut-free, paleo, keto and plant-based products. All products in all zones will remain gluten free! Isn’t that awesome for all of us with allergies ourselves, or for our loved ones with allergies?

I’m so excited because I have 20 tickets to giveaway for this exciting event!


You can enter to win free tickets over on my Instagram.

Also, for 10 bonus entires, leave me a comment on this post telling me what allergy you or a family member has, and what the most challenging part about it has been.


You can also click here to get 20% off your ticket purchase using the code “ADVANCDE” now through May 3rd!



I hope to see you there!



8 thoughts on “Nourished Festival: The Gluten Free, Allergy, & Specialty Diet Festival

  1. It has taken a lot of effort to change our eating habits and expectations- especially for my 8 yo boy who has had to go dairy free. It helps to have a husband that now eats df and gf. All of us miss pizza 😢


  2. My one year old having egg dairy and gluten Allergies! The hardest part is explaining to family why she cant have something, and yes even just a little can hurt her! Even if I don’t win tickets, im going to go so that i can learn more about foods she can have, to help me help her ❤!


  3. I eat gluten free and dairy free. My college age daughter is just testing to see if she has celiac disease. I have to stay away from sugar so I don’t get a migraine. Sugar is THE hardest thing to stay away from especially around the holidays. I miss the chocolate Cadbury eggs, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, jelly beans, truffles etc….anything chocolate!


  4. In our family with kids and a parent with multiple different food allergies (gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts and tomatoes), it’s a relief to know that many companies are dedicated to finding creative ways to compound alternative ingredients into delicious and healthy food options. The festival sounds awesome!


  5. The biggest thing is prep. Weather we’re eating out with friends, or date night it’s been making we’ve seen the menu before hand. It’s definitely something hard to get used to. I’m so excited they’re doing an expo. There has been a learning curve.


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