Viola Ice Cubes

Viola Ice Cubes

Growing edible flowers can be so much fun! They will brighten any salad, boost your morning oats, fancy up a cupcake (here or here) or liven up your summer lemonade.


Violas are the perfect edible spring flower. They thrive in the cool spring temps, brighten up your porch or landscape and make a great flower to freeze in ice cube trays!

Flower ice cubes are super simple to make!

Start by clipping stems of violas from your plants with sharp kitchen scissors or snips.

IMG_8580 2

Gently wash flowers in cool water and trim off long stems.

Fill an ice cube tray with water and gently place the blossom side up.

IMG_8584 2

This is a super simple project + a great project for your kiddos to help with.



Don’t they look beautiful!

Viola Ice Cubes

Place in the freezer.

Often times if we need to make several trays but don’t have the freezer space, we will freeze one tray at a time. Once a tray in completely frozen, empty the tray into a ziplock bag or container and place back in freezer. Refill tray and repeat.

When ready to use, simply add ice cubes to water, lemonade or your choice of beverage.

These ice cubes make the perfect addition to a fairy tea party (here) or mothers day brunch! Plus the are such a fun way to get your kiddos involved in the garden and kitchen!

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Next time you look at Violas, I hope you remember to make flower ice cubes!




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