Bedroom update with Removable Wallpaper

Removable Wallpaper

We’ve been wanting to add wallpaper to my daughter’s built in bed for years, but couldn’t quite get ourselves to commit to cutting, pasting and applying wallpaper in the tricky space.

When we heard about Rocky Mountain Decals removable, self adhesive wallpaper I knew we had to try it!

The wallpaper arrives in big long rolls that are numbered.


We unrolled the long rolls and laid them out in order to help us keep track of each section so our lines would match up. Because we were wallpapering the inside of her built in bed in the wall, it took some brain power keeping the sections in order!


Next, we decided which wall we wanted to start on, and got to work. The wallpaper is like a giant sticker. You simply remove the backing and stick it to the wall! (We only had a few mishaps!)


Your order comes with a handy little tool that helps smooth the wallpaper and gets rid of any air bubbles.


My hubby was only a little sore for a few days from sitting in cross-legged position all afternoon because of the tricky space we hung the wallpaper in….haha!

Removable Wallpaper

When you come to a section that needs to be cut, you simply use an Xacto knife or blade and slice where you want the cut to be. Easy Peasy!


The wallpaper is nice and thick and absolutely gorgeous in person! It adds so much personality to her space!


The wallpaper has been the perfect addition to spruce up and update her room!

Removable Wallpaper

Her new feature wall makes her bed pop! It’s so much fun + adds so much character! She absolutely loves her new space!



*Her wallpaper is called Dreaming in Pastels 

Video by Allie Schroeder Films and Design





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