Easy Edible Covered Wagons (Gluten Free Option)

Easy Edible Covered Wagons (Gluten Free Option)

Pioneer Day is this next week {for those of us in Utah}!

If you need a fun & simple pioneer craft, give these covered wagons a try! My daughter loves making them + they make a great Family Night craft and are a darling addition to our Pioneer Dinner table.

Easy Edible Pioneer Covered Wagons

You’ll need:

-Graham crackers broken into 1/4’s (For a Gluten Free Covered Wagon, use these or these, but keep whole)

Large marshmallows (vegan option here)

Life savers (or any round candy with a hole in center)

-Stick pretzels (my favorite Gluten free option)

-Frosting (here)

Using frosting, secure 2 pretzels to bottom of Graham cracker for “axle”. Turn over & slide life savors onto pretzel stick ends. Apply more frosting to top of graham cracker & secure 2 marshmallows. Let frosting dry. Viola!



2 thoughts on “Easy Edible Covered Wagons (Gluten Free Option)

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