Teacher (neighbor, staff, etc.) Gifts

Teacher (neighbor, staff, etc.) Gifts

A few weeks ago I visited Dibble Farms with my sister. We made fresh wreaths for the second year in a row, drank hot cocoa, and picked up a years supply of popcorn!

When visiting Dibble Farms, don’t pass up your opportunity to get the best homegrown popcorn kernels around! This small family farm knows how to grow the yummiest popcorn ever!

Fresh Wreaths

We’ve been lucky enough to stop by when they are harvesting the kernels. It is such a fun process and definitely something the kids enjoy.

I decided to grab some extra of my favorite popcorn to share with some neighbosr and for teacher gifts.

Feel free to add ribbon, a tag (I found cute tags at Hobby Lobby), a popcorn recipe (find some one may favorites here, here, or here) or gift card, and viola!

Teacher (neighbor, staff, etc.) Gifts

I love the idea of giving popcorn because it can be used now or saved for later. Can be made simple with salt or made into something sweet and sticky. And is naturally gluten free! & I mean, who doesn’t love POPCORN!?

Fresh Wreaths

Wreath making is definitely going down as one of my favorite new traditions!








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