Pruning 101


Pruning 101

It’s that time of year again! Pruning season is in full swing.

The most common reasons to prune:

-To remove dead, diseased, or dying branches.
-To remove low (don’t want to hit your head walking under a tree) or crossing branches.
-To direct the growth, control size and to maintain a desired shape.

The ideal time to prune is late Winter/early Spring.

Remember that shrubs like Lilacs, Forsythia & Viburnums (snow ball bushes) should not be pruned until after they finish flowering in the spring, otherwise you’ll cut off all of this years to be blooms!

Pruning 101

Pruning a tree or shrub that needs it, is better than not pruning at all. But the later you prune, the more moderate to light it should be.

When pruning shrubs typically 1/3 of the old canes are removed. Like with most things in life, there are always exceptions to the rules.

Headover to my IGTV page for full tutorials on pruning.


It is important to have the proper gear needed for pruning.


Favorite Gardener Bucket Organizer 


Pruning Gear

Pruning 101

Good Gardening Gloves


Bypass Hand Pruner


Bypass Lopper

Pruning 101

Folding Hand Pruning Saw




Hand Snips


Looking cute whilst gardening never hurt either!


Comfy, flexible pants (my favorite!)


Warm long sleeve shirt



Love this one too


Pruning 101

A Warm Vest for the chilly spring and fall days in the garden



Sturdy shoes. I like these when the weather is cool and prefer these during summer.





Pruning 101

Power tools when you need little more oomph.

Pruning 101



Blade replacements (a sharp tool is way more efficient)


Pruning 101

Extra battery packs for power tools


Few other options here and here



Happy Pruning!



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